We all have people that we love and hate. While we can’t ditch everyone that rubs us the wrong way, don’t allow these Negative Nancy’s to invade your space any longer. 

There are certain individuals that should simply be cut out entirely in order to foster a happier, healthier mind.

The Drains

These are the people that either suck up all of your time or all of your emotions but refuse to return the favor when you need help. They daily lament their terrible state even though their existence is entirely based on decisions they?ve made. They hover around expecting you to keep them entertained. Either set up strict boundaries or cut them free.

The Negatives

No matter what you say and no matter what you do, these individuals are never happy. They complain all the time and will vehemently argue with those that try to explain why the glass actually can be half full. They chose to wallow in their own misery long ago, and it is not your responsibility to pull them out of it.

The Meanies

Including liars, manipulators and narcissists, these people should never be included in your close group of friends. They feel nothing and actively hurt others to make themselves feel better or in the right. Their entire existence is that of pain and purposeful misunderstandings.
Never let these individuals close to you because they will use your personal information to hurt you as soon as it is good for them.

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