Having an Up-to-Date Online Presence Increases Business for Your Dental Practice

There was a time when dentists did not have to think much about marketing. You probably started in a practice that already had a client base that was built up over time. You may have a number of loyal patients, but you also need to keep growing your practice. The advent of online marketing has made your office one of many competitors in your area. If you don’t have a relevant website, those searching for dentists through online searches will find your competitors first.



A website designed for desktop computers is where you begin. Older clients who have not fully embraced mobile technology will search for you here. A desktop monitor provides lots of space for images and information. In order to stay at the top of searches in your area, you want to update your content regularly. Your desktop website is perfect for posting weekly blog articles about your practice, personal dental care and other topics that relate to your work. 
Make certain that important information is easy to see. It should not take much effort for someone visiting your site to find your office hours and a way to contact you. A great website for a dental practice will allow your current patients to interact with your office, helping them make or change appointments online. It will also provide connections for potential clients, letting them contact your office, submit questions and learn more about you as a person and a professional.


While some clients may be more comfortable at a desktop computer, younger generations will probably do their searching on a mobile device. In fact, according to Apricot Dental, 60 percent of organic traffic to your website comes from mobile searches. When someone designs your mobile website, they must design a responsive website that works on a variety of screens. If your site only displays well on desktops, it can be frustrating for mobile users as they have to scroll around to find the information they need. 
When it comes to viewing a site on a mobile device, it is important to remember that people view and use their smartphones differently than their computers. When someone searches for your site on a phone, they are usually just looking for basic information quickly. You want to be certain that the most important information about your practice is displayed on the screen without any extra searching required. You also want simple links to secondary information, like the services you provide. If people can find the information they need with a few taps, you have an excellent mobile site that will drive clients your way.

For the Future

Technology is always changing, and your web presence must change with it. At one time, a simple website with office hours and a phone number was enough to get the job done. Now, people expect to interact with sites. They want your site to link to social media pages that provide even more opportunities to interact with your practice and other clients. As new devices arise, your website will need to change to work with them, and as new expectations for digital connections grow, you need a website that will meet them. A professional web designer who is paying attention to online trends can be an excellent partner for your business. It may not be an expense you talked about in dental school, but it is an important investment in the success of your practice.
Whether you like it or not, you are in competition with other practices in your area. A well-designed website is as essential to your practice today as a listing in the phone book was 20 years ago. When you invest in digital technology, you are investing in the long-term health of your business.
Your website is your first impression, so let us make it a good one!

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