While many people love to buy things online, there are still certain items that some people prefer to purchase in person. Products like makeup can be better judged if they are seen up close. When it comes to judging a product’s color, monitor screens can vary, thus not giving a true representation of the product’s pigment. Also, when scents matter, such as perfumes or even shampoo, you absolutely must purchase these products in person. For these reasons and more, many people who browse beauty products online often try to find those products locally. By marketing your beauty business locally, you can be of great service to your customers and boost your sales.

Networking with Other Local Businesses Helps Your Reputation

Not only does networking with other businesses in the area help you to build your customer base, but it can also help to establish trust with your customers. By being affiliated with another business that customers already have a relationship with, customers can assume that your business is trustworthy also. Furthermore, networking with other businesses can also create an opportunity for cross-promotion, which can increase business for you all. Cross-promoting helps with this as you are basically providing a testimonial for the other business, and vice versa, any time you recommend them or have their advertisement in your store. Most people purchase products simply because someone recommended it to them because it saves them from taking a chance on something unknown. By networking and cross-promoting with other shops, not only do you benefit as the shop owner, but the customers benefit as well.

Word of mouth can be as important, if not more important, for neighborhood businesses as traditional advertising.

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Local Keywords Attract Customers in Your Area

Marketing to local customers doesn’t mean neglecting your online advertising. You still want to utilize the internet as another avenue for marketing; however, you want to adjust your strategy in order to attract the locals. By using specific keywords within your ads, blog, social media posts, et cetera, you can increase the chances of your business being found by people who are in your area. For instance, simply adding the name of the city or town within your blog post is enough to help customers find you. Since most people use area-specific phrases when they shop, adding these keywords and phrases can help your business tremendously. As part of your local marketing solutions, there are several tools available to help you. While some tools are for sale, there are many free options and lots of information online that can help you learn how to use keywords and more.

Customer Surveys Help You Figure Out How People Find Your Business

Customer surveys have always been and probably will continue to be one of the best forms of market research. Surveys help you learn exactly what the customer wants and doesn’t like without having to do lots of guesswork. The beauty of surveying existing customers is that they have already experienced the product and can give the most accurate feedback. You will be able to know if they are still happy with that product, and if they are not, then you can find out what has changed. When you know what the customer wants, you are better able to serve them, which can only lead to an increase in customers and sales.

Targeted Emails Help People in Your Geographic Area Learn About Your Business

With social media being an easy way to speak directly to the customer, some people have forgotten about the power of email. Email can help you offer your customers deals and discounts that are exclusive to them in particular. For instance, rather than post a sale online for anyone and everyone, you can send a direct message via email to your local customers only. You could even hold customer appreciation events that are exclusive to the customers within that state or city. 
While all of the online marketing strategies can work great for attracting local customers, one of the best ways is to just be active in the community. Offering additional services such as a photo booth for selfies within the salon or offering demo makeovers with your products is an awesome way to get people talking. Hosting local fashion shows or giving classes can really help get your name out there and give back to the community at the same time.
You may also have great success with carefully targeted Facebook ads for your local area.

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