You are not a failed entrepreneur if you start a business and it fails. It was just the business idea that failed, not you. It’s what you do after such failures that will ultimately define you
The internet is awash with success stories of businesses that arose from the ashes and grew to become multi-billion dollar empires. For instance, the $2 billion behemoth that is Hostess Twinkies had major setbacks in their history including bankruptcy in 2013. This is not unique to them, as many companies have encountered similar setbacks and come back.
If your business has failed and you are wondering how to bring it back, here are five important things you should do.

Failure is a Lesson, Not a Punishment

Embrace failure when it happens. This means you should harness the emotions and the experiences that came with the failure to help you come back even stronger. You only become a failed entrepreneur if you give up when your business does not succeed.

Reconsider Your Objectives

Re-evaluate the reasons that drove you to business especially if you feel demotivated after the failure. Cognitive reappraisal is a way to change how to feel about something like a business is crucial to changing how you feel about giving a business idea one more try.

Avoid Negativity and Pessimism

It is no secret that your state of mind affects the quality of attention you accord whatever you do. One of the most essential skills that you need to bounce back after your business fails is the ability to see an opportunity whenever it arises. This demands constant positivity and optimism even during the darkest periods. Use this as a chance to master new skills that might help your business. It will help you to be more successful in the future.

Find a Mentor

In the same way athletes have coaches, it is important for entrepreneurs to have a business coach especially if they are just starting out. This is particularly useful if you are not confident that your skills and experience are sufficient to ensure the success of your business in the next attempt.

Consider a New Business

Finally, there is no shame in accepting defeat if an idea is not right to invest in. Many businesses have failed in the past because the products they sold were way ahead of their time, other times it happens because an idea is naturally doomed. Being wise is seeing the business idea for what it is and knowing when to quit.
If your business fails just remember that it is not the end of the world. The most important thing is to remain positive and to keep trying.
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