A successful businessperson has to bring several positive qualities to the table in the marketplace. After all, you need your team to want to work with you and your community to want to do business with you. But, it can be complex to figure out what things you are still working on, or where you need the practice to garner that success. How can you best show the qualities of a successful entrepreneur?


The kind of creativity you bring into the marketplace helps you to shine as both a new and interesting product, yourself, even before consumers see what it is you’re selling. A successful entrepreneur needs to be able to find creative solutions to complex problems as well. Just as critically, that kind of creativity can help you fix current business practices, and see where new ones are needed. This can help you roll with the storms of the marketplace.


According to the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, to compete successfully, business owners must continuously study the environment, innovate, and adapt their businesses accordingly. A flexible entrepreneur looks for what is working and improves upon it, but also looks for those things which don’t, or won’t, work and figures out why. Having flexibility means you can courageously jettison old ideas or products which are not serving you and your team members and try new things which might serve you much better.

Defining Success

To recognize if you are reaching your goals, you have to know how to set them and whether you are getting closer to them! This means investing your time and effort in a business plan and ongoing goal setting, both as an individual and a team. According to Fingerprint for Success, you need to determine what “success” will mean to you. Does it mean becoming a billionaire? For most small business owners, definitely not. However, if you can both have a business in the red while offering service to your community, this might bring you much greater happiness.

There are many and varied ways to become successful as an entrepreneur, but the most critical is finding out what works in your own life and business. After all, a true leader learns how to take responsibility for their actions and those of their team. If you can set small, attainable goals with defined timelines, and jettison things that don’t work, you will go far!

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