You know what people lack the most these days? It is not money, not hot, new shoes.  It’s friggin creativity. Some people will find that they have so much creativity that they can’t hold themselves back from ideas, but others seem to struggle with creative ideas. There are plenty of ways that you can get more creative; you just have to get more creative.
That is in activities. You need to make sure that you are doing plenty of activities that stimulate your noggin. For starters, how about trying to do a puzzle of some sort? The best are the crossword puzzles. I know, you’re thinking “This chick is a total nerd ball.” Crossword puzzles stimulate creativity because most of the time you will not have any clue to what the answer is, but you can try to come up with suitable ones to see how far you can get until nothing matches anymore.
When you do a lot of mind activities, you will find that you will be able to think much clearer. The brain will be used to the stimulation and soon the creativeness will pour right out of you.
If you’re not into mind games, how about a jog? Have you ever noticed that your best ideas come from when you work out? When you work out you are able to let go of all your stress and your mind becomes clear. You can think and soon all these creative ideas will start developing and then more. If you exercise on a daily basis, you will find that your mind is enhanced, your attitude is enhanced, and so is your creativity. You’ll feel free and be able to do your job better when you exercise. If this is not your type of stimulation, try a book!
When you read, your mind becomes a world of wonder. You can think and imagine things that you never thought about before. You will find that a good book will help you get out of your character and into another. You’ll be able to think like a comedian, a romantic person, or even a dramatic person. You can find a lot of inspiration in a good book. If you need to get creative you should read something to help influence you, or you can also watch TV.
The TV is a box of information and ideas. All you have to do is allow yourself to be influenced. Watch some day time TV and see what is on. Watch the commercials for some humor. Whatever it is that you are looking for can be found right there in the TV. It’s not always an evil time sucker.
OK, for me, it is always music. I could be in a total creative slump until I fire up my iPod and headphones. Yea, I might dance in my chair but I get shit done with tunes a jammin’.
If you get better ideas from resting, you should go take a nap. When you take a nap, you allow yourself to drift into a wonderland that only you can control. You can feel free to comes up with ideas and be inspired by a dream because there is no one there to judge your ideas. All you have to do is relax and stretch your muscles. Lay down with a clear mind for an hour and you’re sure to wake up with a mind full of ideas.
Being creative is not hard when you have something or someone to inspire you. Think about all the things in life that you like and all that your hate. Sit and watch strangers pass you by on the street and try to guess where they came from and where they are going. You will be able to get more creative when you take the time to be creative. The key to creativity is to let your creativity flow freely or you will never find anything that will inspire you.
christine capone
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  1. When my ideas pop up is when I at least expect it. It can be like when I’m cleaning, watching tv, talking or just relaxing and don’t think about things:) It’s hard to sit down and force the inspiration or creative mind to work. For me it never works anyway:)

    • Oh totally! I try to carry my little notebook with me wherever I go because it truly does help to jot ideas down. I hate when you get a cool one and just cannot remember it later, right?

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