How to Push Your Business to Grow and Shine this New Year

Do you have grand plans for yourself and your business in 2016? I’m sure we all do. Years ago my list would list down 20-30 things. I know it’s quite a long list. But hey, to be young and idealistic. The list ranges from things I want to change about my health, what I want to happen that year, and things I want to achieve. I can’t remember which ones I really stuck to but I do remember which ones fell by the wayside.
Fast forward to the present, business owners do a similar thing with goals too. We might list one or two of the following:
“I will make $x this year.”
“I will book x clients per month.”
“I will finally launch my brand.”
Speaking from experience, while these goals are awesome, they’re really just the tip of an iceberg.
What can make a difference in your goal-setting and making it REALLY happen is this simple beautiful question…”How”
How will you launch your brand?
What will you do different to make this much a year?
So you see, we set our goals and supported it with steps to achieve it. Sort of giving it a little backbone there.
For example:

Launch my brand:

  • Identify and write down my unique value proposition.
  • Come up with a business name.
  • Create a launch timeline.
  • Hire a designer to do my logo and website.

See the difference? You’ve just mapped out your plan into actionable steps!
Want to take it a step further? Set more goals to cover important parts of your business.

How to set my business apart to keep clients coming back for more:

  • Create useful products that will make things easier or solve a pain point of my clients
  • Always provide value and be eager to inject an extra mile for the client.
  • Make my clients laugh and dance with me to celebrate wins.
  • Make my clients feel super loved by being helpful, friendly, and encouraging in calls and emails.

Make goals and steps for each part of your business if you really want to make it shine. I’d be glad to see where I can help make your business take off. Drop me a message. I’ll always say hi back 🙂

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