You’ve started your business and are beginning to see marginal profits. Congratulations! But maybe the profits aren’t quite large enough yet—maybe you need to start bringing in income in other ways. Finding extra streams of revenue for your business is a good idea regardless of your current business revenue. The question that remains is simply how to generate that extra revenue. Listed below are a few ways of doing so.

Teach a Course

One great way to increase revenue is to teach a course. Find a topic you’re already comfortable with—a concept or practice you know really well. If you do, designing the course itself will take little time. Furthermore, people tend to be interested in learning. They want to increase their skills and learn from others who have experience. Therefore, taking a little time to design and teach a course will likely bring in a consistent stream of extra revenue.

Sell Products on Your Website

In addition to teaching a course, consider selling products on your website. Take time to advertise the products and have pages and links that showcase the products throughout your website. Once you’ve come up with the products to sell and how to sell them, consider creating a rewards points system. Offering rewards points for purchases can get customers to come back later. Furthermore, offering rewards points can encourage customers to share your products with their friends, consequently drawing more people to your site to view and purchase the products.

Publish an eBook

Finally, to increase your revenue, write and publish an eBook. Just as customers want to learn more about the skills and experience you have, they also want to learn more about your company. Write an eBook that goes more in depth than your website. Include information such as your story—how your company was started—your goals, and more about the services you offer. If you sell your eBook through other sites such as Amazon, you’ll have to pay them part of your revenues. Therefore, consider avoiding third-party selling sites and instead sell the book yourself.

Generating extra revenue for your business is important but can also be challenging. Therefore, consider viable ways to increase said revenue. Many sources recommend determining seven extra avenues for revenue. Starting with designing and teaching a course, selling products on your website and creating a rewards system, and finally, publishing an eBook are three great extra revenue streams.

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