If your business is boring, it’s not going to last for very long. Your customers need to be engaged with your company. They need to feel that you are going to solve an urgent need of theirs. Whether this is supplying a service that they are unable or unwilling to do themselves, or providing a product that fulfills a want or need, your customers need to be sold on working with your company.

Start Taking More Risks

Many people are scared of taking risks. However, if you are running your own business, you can’t afford to be scared of risks. In business, the biggest risk of all is not taking risks. Why is that? It is because industries are changing all of the time. If you insist on doing things the way they’ve always been done, you will find that your business model quickly becomes outdated. You have to be willing to make pivots to how you conduct your business. That means taking risks. That doesn’t mean you should take just any risk. According to Valpak, it means that you should take calculated risks that have a high chance of paying off. Do your research before you take your leap so that you can minimize the risk.

Throw Away Your Website and Start Over

According to Podium, most users can decide in 0.05 seconds whether to stay on your website or leave. That gives you a very short amount of time to make a good first impression. That means there is no such thing as an ‘ok’ website. Your website is either amazing or terrible. If your website isn’t pleasing to look at, you need to toss your current design out the window and start brainstorming a new design. While you shouldn’t copy another companies’ website, take some time to look through how successful businesses design their pages. Take note of how their website greets visitors and directs them towards becoming customers. You can use many of these elements in your website redesign.


Start a Brand Plan

Even if you’ve never created a plan for your brand, your business has a brand. A brand is how other people perceive your companies’ message and ethics. According to Qualtrics, with a brand plan, you shape how others perceive your business. A basic brand plan includes your logo design, your website design, website content, company colors, company typography, company ethics, and company mood. Each of these elements must align with each other so that your brand image is cohesive.

As you start making moves that help your business stop being so boring, you’ll find that your work is less boring. Each day you will be more invigorated. The excitement of adventure will fill you and fuel your passion and drive toward building your company into the empire it could be.

If you want help with your business’ image, contact me to learn more about how I can help!

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