Is social media ruining your social life?

Just last night, I sat and realized that this was happening to me. I noticed that I am spending far too many idle hours on the computer and not doing what really matters. It seems as though this does happen alot. Here I sit, glued day in and day out to my computer screen spinning my wheels. Is it really helping my business? Are people becoming annoyed over my frequent posting? How can I change this?

I have now sat and made a list on what truly helps my business online and what is actually an honest waste of time and energy. After all, I chose to run an at home business mainly to have more time to spend with my family. Lately, I have been working more hours at home than I ever did away from the house. It is high time to reach into my brain and organize my time. That new fancy planner that I bought is guess… EMPTY!

Positive changes are great. My husband and family are glad that I caught myself being sucked in to the social media sieve. Knowing that I need to plan and organize is a huge step. I have enrolled in a program that will now teach me how to use the social networks more effectively so that I know what actually works for my business.

I also noticed that I am holding my team back. How? I am carrying them by doing their work FOR them and not teaching them to fly. Wow!! Alot of changes to be made in my head but all for better results.

Do you have tips on this matter? Feel free to share and I will definitely keep you pposted on my progress. Excited for change. soci

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