Since I have joined the Scentsy Family. I now, truly know what the meaning of that is. See, I was once a very anxious person who was afraid of meeting new people. You know, the type that believes in their own mind that everyone hates them or is out to get them? Ha. 

I hesitated for about six months to tackle another direct sales adventure. I watched other consultants,asked a zillion questions and thought about it. Finally, one day I approached my oldest son and explained my desire to try this business. Well, he did remind me that I had attempted with a multitude of other fantastic opportunities and had absolutely no success. Most of them ended up actually costing us a small fortune. He must have seen a true ambition for this in my eyes because he handed me his debit card and told me to go for it. I joined on that morning of October 31, 2012. 

I immediately went to work. I had a terrific sponsor who led me through some training online and on the telephone and I built up enough confidence to begin selling on my own. Well, I was floored at the response of people regarding this product! Since that day, I have excelled in the business. I was always in management and sales but this was different. This felt like a family.

Each day, I believe this more and more. I am surrounded by a number of other Scentsy consultants who are nothing but caring, helpful, and understanding. It does not mater what rank they are either. Never have I heard an unkind  word spoken of another consultant. No question has been unanswered. It all begins at the top. The owners of the company are genuine, very compassionate human beings. 

What I am getting at is, this is a wonderful experience and so much more than a JOB. I will elaborate later about some of the experiences I have had so far and maybe,it will be interesting enough to people to do an ongoing “journal” on life as a Scentsy girl.


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