Thank you, Scentsy for an awesome trip to NYC!


My New York City Incentive Trip 2013
I want to tell you a bit about my recent trip to NYC!
All expenses were paid by Scentsy.  It was amazing. I was astounded. Let me break it down for ya. 
I was notified that I had qualified for this trip and was able to choose from 6 destinations and I picked the BIG APPLE. 
Our hotel was the Waldorf Astoria Hotel which was just beautiful.
The day finally arrived, after much anticipation to fly to NYC. I arrived at Laguardia International airport where I was greeted by a friendly face holding a “Pick Pack Play” sign (which is what this incentive was called) Somehow, she knew me by name.I was escorted to the baggage claim area, grabbed my luggage and was then walked out to my own private Mercedes Benz with a driver and my name was even in the window of the car!
Shortly, we arrived at the hotel where we received a cal that the driver had to take me to a different entrance than normal due to the President visiting the hotel that evening. 
I exited the car and walked into this absolutely beautiful lobby. I was just stunned. My room was impeccable and I met anamazing woman who was my buddy and roommate for the stay.
The entire trip was very stylish and well thought out by an amazing company that clearly loves all of its’ consultants. I made great new friends and memories to last a life time. 
If you are not involved in this company, I cannot express how much I love it and how great they are to us. 
They do these incentives each year and they ARE attainable. Contact me for more info at or join my team

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