When it comes to branding, there are definitely do’s and don’ts associated with the practice. Even still, that doesn’t mean your logo has to look like everyone else’s. If that were the case, Coca-Cola and Disney would be nearly identical.

Hire a Professional
Just because you know how to use Word or any other program, doesn’t mean you have an artistic eye. There are those that have trained their entire lives, learning what is pleasing to the human eye. This includes shapes, colors and fonts. While the cost of the professional will vary, they are still a great investment in order to save you the challenge of changing a logo later.
Test out Options
Going off of the practice of working with a professional, have them design at least three different branding mock-ups. This will allow you to test out a few ways you want to portray your company. Bring in your close friends and mentors to have a blind vote on the logo that they all like best. While you want to like your own logo, it’s much more important your audience likes it the most since they’re the ones you’re trying to attract on look alone.
Audition Brand Stylists
Finally, never forget that there are numerous brand designers available for work. If you don’t like the direction your first pick is going, don’t be afraid to amicably break off the partnership in favor of finding someone else. Better to find the right fit early rather than too late.

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