Have you ever gotten really, totally confused in your business? Ya know, the feeling of just wondering what in the heck you are doing and why? Nothing makes sense and seems to “jive”?
Oh yeah. I can so say that I have learned some lessons. I can’t apologize for my multitude of passions and interests but, I can readily admit to confusing my audience and myself to boot.
multi passionate
So- let’s talk about this womanly thing that we do. Change our minds. We do it. It is just how we humans are made. That is all great but, what does it do to our businesses? Well, if not stopped early enough, cause it to sink faster than the Titanic. How do we stay afloat? (I sure wish I had learned this earlier)
I have followed and watched so many great people out there but I tell ya. I learned a ton yesterday from Derek Halpern over at Social Triggers. The dude is a genius. You should watch him. What was my main take-away from yesterday? Go into what you are going to do with a firm purpose and stick with it. Now, the webinar was not exactly on this exact subject but because I was in the midst of feeling lost, it hit me there.
Here’s the thing. If you firmly believe in what you are doing, others will feel this and BELIEVE in your content. Building a business without trust is well, like a bad marriage. Without that it is a heap of dookie.
Right? You have to have a straight-forward approach and this is not just for your audience but for you as a business owner too.
How can we gather the right info for our readers and deliver content that is worth reading and sharing if it is just a scattered mess of thoughts without a direction? Well, we CAN but it is not gonna amount to beans. (lol, I said that)
Last night, I got out my notes and used my brain to get a feel for what precisely I wanted to do. Not easy when you are multi passionate (I found this to be really helpful: https://faculty.weatherhead.case.edu/jsingh/Cardon_Wincent_Singh_Drnovsek-2009-AMR.pdf)
At nearly 2AM, I realized that I cannot pick just one passion, so why not tailor them down and do some fine tuning? ok. that I CAN do. It is acceptable to be a person with an entrepreneurial spirit that has a lust for many aspects of business workings but, the passions need to be reeled in just a bit to have it all make some sort of sense. Back to the notepad of wisdom.

  • When you are multi-passionate, if you cannot narrow it down to ONE specific thing, try being a MASTER at that ONE thing but one who is able to deliver all of the other stuff that you love and would help others.
  • Be sure that your readers know ahead of time that you are in fact multi-passionate
  • Choose the one passion that really makes you happy and make that the flagship passion of all passions.
  • Stick to your guns of being the multi-passionate bundle of amazement that you are. (it is OK to be YOU)

I really hope that this is making sense to you. Let me break down what my passions are and maybe, you are similar to me:

  • I love to create things like WordPress sites, branding, graphics, etc
  • Sales is cool and I am a DS consultant that does NOT do home parties and work on-line
  • I’m a social media nerd that is always learning and loves to teach others what I learn
  • I am a firm believer in the Laws of Attraction and dig positive thinking stuff
  • Branding is my main interest. I find it really interesting and have found that it can make or break a biz. (mine has flip-flopped but it has taught me what to do and not to do and how to teach others what works

Now, came the task of explaining WHAT IT IS THAT I DO!! Gah. Here is what I gathered.
I teach entrepreneurs how to start or re-start an online business from the ground up in a positive and creative way.
Your turn, beauties.. What do YOU do? Let’s talk about this one. (comment below)

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  1. Christine… Thank you so much for this blog post.
    I have been seriously struggling with my many passions and just how to gel ’em together so I don’t totally confuse others or myself! Your post and example really helped me do that.
    I ended up creating a mind map showing all my passions and from there was able to combine ’em. (Mandala creation, nature photography, Self-help/personal development/LOA.
    My end result…
    I teach others how to cultivate happiness from within themselves. How to create Self-Bliss 🙂
    Thanks again!

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