I have not been true to myself nor to you. Let me explain:
Well, let me start off with my admission to being completely and utterly foolish in this particular department. You probably just about got dizzy with my constant changes to this site and all of my branding, messages, and what-not. I guess, I had been searching for that “sweet spot” in my business life so much that I was neglecting your thoughts as well as what I felt was comfortable and true to myself. ?This probably came from watching other people and how they ran things. Constantly looking at other blogs and because I know HOW to do a WordPress install and theme change, it was easy and quite tempting for me to pull a massive overhaul.
I sat and did a bit of soul searching and came to terms with myself. This blog should be a place where I feel comfortable enough to share my deep and most inner thoughts thus helping others succeed in their business. Right? It is not about sliders, 3-d objects floating around on a screen or a color scheme that makes me feel not quite myself. If you notice now, I have stripped the look of all corporate-wanna-be branding and well, I love pink. It is my favorite color and that is what makes me comfortable. I want you (the reader) to feel as though you and I are having a coffee talk in the living room wearing pajamas. Now, I love my cartoon girl but how can I be ME as a cartoon?
The last couple of weeks, I have sort of felt a shift in my content and in the needs of readers. It began to drift into less social media technical stuff to a gentler type of subject matter and that is inner growth, self confidence, and general feel- good stuff. This is important because in order to sell and conduct a great business, loving yourself is important. Look at some of the incredibly successful people that you know or follow. They practice and teach these things.
When I opened the page today, I felt such relief and just felt my heart open to you in a way that I had not felt before. It just feels “right” to me.
I made a statement in regards to this on my Facebook page, last night. I really felt like an automated sales machine. Not a cool place for me. Yes, I have information and courses that I want to help people with. I do charge a small fee for those but that is not my sole purpose. See, I am a natural helper and giver so my friends can tell you that is my biggest obstacle in business. I never know what to charge nor do I love doing so. In fact, I hate it!
Do yourself a favor. If you are like I was, constantly checking out what others are doing.. STOP! “Do YOU” Yes, branding is important and I teach that (believe it or not). Maybe, it is the Aries??in me that just wants that instant gratification so I look for faults and think that I need to make changes because things are not rolling fast enough. Patience is not one of my virtues. Well, besides in my Motherhood-there I am like Job. lol
I am apologizing to you and to myself for not being consistent and “walking the talk” No more head spinning massive website changes. This is me.
If I ever doubted that being in marketing or any type of sales to be a time for massive inner growth, I have now been proven even more wrong than I can imagine.
Have you ever felt this way? Let’s start a conversation on this below. I’d love to hear:

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  1. Kelly says:

    I LOVE what you have done with your site, your branding and your transformation! You are lighting a fire under ME to get mine tweaked and feeling just right as well. I totally agree on the cartoon…I want to know YOU and to be able to recognize you if I ran into you at Starbucks or Staples or some cool, kinda nerdy place that the two of us would hang out. 😉 Great job, really lovely over here!

    • Thank you. I really love to be creative and I find great peace when I open up a graphics program or a WordPress dashboard. It took a ton of trial and error and stuff before I realized that you can mix business and marketing knowledge with creativity. I sort of felt like I was going through the motions or at times even being a copy cat of sorts because I was just not being 100% me. When I let ME out was when the magic started to happen. My brand was at one time what I thought that others (my biche) wanted to see and my own vision was clouded by that. I know that I can’t or don’t even want to appeal to everyone so that is why I decided to let the ME take over. 🙂 Now, my branding feels like home to me. My new mission is to teach others to tap into their inner creative genius and just let it loose. We all have it in us!

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