When you have a membership, you want to add value when you can. One way is by offering one-on-one opportunities. You don’t have to include this offer in the membership price, but you can offer it as an upsell opportunity for a more expensive form of the same membership.
Some of the types of one-on-one opportunities you can offer are:
* In-Person Coaching – You can agree to meet people who are local for one-on-one coaching opportunities. For example, if you have a membership website about exercise, you can offer a membership upgrade for local people for in-person personal coaching to help people with their workouts.
* Skype or Telephone Coaching – A great way to offer one-on-one opportunities is to offer coaching by phone or Skype. You can offer an upgraded membership option which includes whatever level of calls you want to offer, from a simple hourly rate with open-office hours, to a serious coaching relationship over a period of time such as six weeks where there will be real work done.
* Email Coaching – Allow upgraded members to email you once a day for quick answers to easy questions. Be sure to make these limited to a simple answer, which can also be used to upgrade the member to more coaching opportunities.
* In-Person Events – Have events that only members are invited to, then offer upgraded versions of the event where you will meet with those paying members for 30 minutes or one hour before, during and after the event.
* Speak at Their Events – Agree to speak at your members’ events. Provide one opening a month, with a 90-day registration so you’ll have warning and can arrange your schedule. This can be an exclusive opportunity for top-of-the-line members.
* Host Webinars – If you have a top affiliate for your group, offer to host a webinar for them where you’ll speak about the memberships for them, and they will get to use their affiliate link to make a big payday.
* Guest Blog – For exclusive upgraded members, who are at the top of their game, offer them the opportunity to have you write a guest blog post for them to put on their website to help promote something.
* Joint Venture Opportunities – You may have some stand-out members whom you identify as great people to form limited JV partnerships with. Offer this to only your most active and exclusive members who have proved themselves as movers and shakers.
As you see there are plenty of things you can do to ramp up your membership and make people want to become more exclusive and a cohesive part of your membership. When they know there is always a rung higher that they can join, they will strive for it. This is most especially true if you have a valuable membership.

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