The wonderful thing about memberships is they offer engagement with members, which helps build relationships. Building a good relationship with your members can lead to all kinds of positive situations. These relationships can also build momentum and lead to exciting new opportunities. One way to create these opportunities is to offer exclusive teleseminars or webinars for members only.
Tools to Use
* Instant Teleseminar – This is simple software to use to offer teleseminars to your audience. This software offers easy set-up for both free and paid teleseminars. Plus, you can even auto play them as if they are live events.
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* Adobe Connect – This webinar software is very easy to use, and with a simple set-up you can offer fully-featured webinars for your members on the fly. You can share your screen, use a whiteboard, and record the event. Members can chat among themselves during the event, and you can even invite speakers.
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* Google Hangouts On Air – You can easily have a quick Google Hangout On Air for your members each month or as often as you want to. It’s simple to set up and use, and it’s free. If you already have a Google account, you can practice a Google Hangout right now with some friends and family to see if this will work for your needs.
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* Webjam – This is software that works with Google Hangouts On Air to make it a more fully-featured webinar service, including adding the ability to charge for events or prevent those not invited from joining. This software gives you the ability to share your screen and so much more.
Link –
Reasons Why You Want to Do It
* Builds Relationships – You can use it to build deeper relationships with your membership, by simply meeting with them on a monthly basis to give them some information that is important for them.
* Adds Value – Memberships need to have plenty of value to keep people paying month after month. Memberships naturally have a high rate of separation, which means you need to do what you can to keep them involved. Find ways to surprise your members by adding announced valuable information and products each month.
* Builds Credibility – A webinar for your members helps build your credibility as an expert, which will naturally help retain more members. Plus, they’ll want to make purchases of your other products and/or services that you offer outside of the membership.
* Offers Awareness – Your members may not realize all that you have to offer to them, and a webinar can help. You can even bring in guest speakers who offer their products or services at deep discounts to your members via the webinar. This is an opportunity to make affiliate income as well as give more ideas to your audience.
Webinars aren’t difficult to host today with all the various technology that exists. You simply need to decide what your goal is for the webinar and then move forward with them on a regular schedule, so that your members will come to expect them and look forward to them.

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