Positive Self-Talk to Build Self-Confidence
Why it is so important to talk nice to yourself.
While people joke about people who talk to themselves, the truth is that all of us talk to ourselves, whether we do it mentally or aloud. ” Self-talk happens daily, but negative self-talk can be devastating, destroying your self-confidence and self-esteem. Focusing on positive self-talk is one of the best ways that you can build higher levels of confidence in yourself. Here is a closer look at self-talk, a few examples, tips for eliminating negative self-talk and more important information to keep in mind.
Understanding Positive Self-Talk
First, you need to fully understand positive self-talk. The truth is that everyone needs to hear the words ‘good job’ from time to time. This helps you know that you are doing a good job and that you are seeing progress. Most people do not have the means to hire a positivity coach to keep giving them positive affirmations throughout the day, but you do have yourself. You do not need someone else to tell you that you did a great job. You can talk to yourself, using positive self-talk to affirm how well you are doing.
Examples of Positive Self-Talk
Now that you understand a bit more about positive self-talk and how it can help you build self-confidence, here are a few examples to consider.
– Personal Praise – Sometimes it is easy to criticize yourself. However, one great example of positive self-talk is to praise yourself. When you performed well, give yourself a pat on the back and take some time to praise yourself for both small and large accomplishments. For example, if you made a delicious meal for dinner, praise yourself by saying, ‘I cooked an excellent meal tonight, even when I didn’t have a lot of time.’ Praise yourself instead of finding something to criticize.
– Encouragement – Positive self-talk can also include encouragement. When things are a bit tough, think about what you would say to a friend who was having a tough time. Maybe you would tell a friend that they should ‘take everything one day at a time – things will get better.’ Instead of saying that to a friend, say that to yourself for some encouragement.
– Compliment Yourself – When you look in the mirror, it is easy to see what you perceive as negative features. However, look at yourself and find something to compliment. You could say, ‘Your skin looks fresh,’ ‘Your eyes are pretty,’ or ‘Wow you have a happy smile today.’ Complimenting yourself helps give your self-confidence a boost.
Tips for Eliminating Negative Self-Talk and Thoughts
Negative self-talk and negative thoughts can sabotage your self-confidence. This means it is important to eliminate negative self-talk and thoughts. Here are a couple tips that will help.
– Tip #1 – Be More Aware of Your Thoughts – First, become aware of your thoughts and the way you talk to yourself. You may be surprised at the mean things you are saying to yourself. Once you are more aware of your thoughts and the way you are talking to yourself, you can take measure to begin eliminating those negative thoughts, exchanging them for positive ones.
– Tip #2 – Turn it to a Positive – Now that you are more aware of your thoughts, every time you think a negative thought, work to make it positive. For example, if you are thinking, ‘I just can’t do that’; turn it to a positive thought, thinking, ‘It is hard, but I will figure out a way to accomplish it.’
As you begin focusing on positive self-talk, you will quickly find that you begin building better self-confidence as well. Use this information to focus on speaking kindly to yourself, which will turn you into a more positive, confident individual.
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“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
― Lao Tzu

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