sexy at work
Is it? Is working from home robbing your sexy?
If the “S” word scares you… don’t keep reading. 🙂
Here I was, taking the role of this “expert” in how to promote your personal brand when I was missing the boat in my own business. No, really, I knew that something was missing but I could not figure it out. I changed themes, photos, logos, and all of that stuff but it was just not quite there. Finally, I sat and browsed the web for clues again, for the millionth time and it hit me like a big ton of bricks. I had to do some intense soul searching and found what I think was missing. It was S.E.X. Yep, sex appeal. Not in a vulgar way or pornographic, sex sells sense. No, it is simply the fact that as entrepreneurs, we work extremely hard and that in its own is really sexy!  We are so damned inhibited in that realm these days. I bet some people reading this will cringe at the mere mention of the “S” word. Right?
I have always had an interest in the pictures and paintings from the past eras where women seemed to be a bit less inhibited with being a woman. I mean, here I am, a mother of 6. Surely I have done the deed before in my life. Why hide the fact that I am a strong and confident woman? Add being Italian to that mix too. After all, isn’t that part of being confident in yourself?
So, I must have been trying to appeal to the masses rather than being my true self and that is against exactly what I am trying to teach. Not everyone is gonna like this but some will be glad that I brought it up. I’m cool with that.
Now, this brings me to another amazing theory and maybe even a conclusion. Let me ask you, are you working so hard to rock your business that you are not spending time for yourself? Simple things like oh, showering, doing your hair, nails, maybe even wearing real clothes? I admit, I had been slacking big time. There have been days where I wanted to tweak that one thing on my site and it rolled around to be 4 PM and I was still in my jammies, unbrushed hair and just a hot mess.  Oh, I won’t even mention the dishes in the sink and the piles of laundry. lol  Now, not being a woman of the past or anything, but how in the hell is my hubby putting up with that? I would be like.. “Um, hey, you are a bum, woman. Fix yo-self.” Funny. Really, he is very supportive and understanding and I am lucky. It is more about how I had been neglecting myself though. It also effected my business because I had fantastic ideas some days and wanted to shoot a video but I was so skanked out that I had to put it off and ya know what? Those ideas were forgotten about. That is not too good. How long does it take to do a little fixing up before I start the day? Today, I got up and got ready like I was actually going somewhere. OK, I am still rocking the yoga pants and t-shirt but it is better than jammies and skank-o.-rama. See how easy it can be to deceive someone from behind the computer? I bet nobody knows when you have jammie days either? We envision each other in the way that we read about one another. Strange isn’t it?  The human psyche is tricky too. We act the way that we feel. If you feel like a bum, it shows whether we notice that or not. Self confidence shows, even online.
So, with this I am hereby committing to bringin my sexy back. I want to incorporate these things into my training course too. Let’s sort of coach one another over on Facebook too. I will post a task once in a while to remind ya. Don’t worry, it won’t be X-rated or anything  but I will be more honest to you and to myself.
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I would really love to read your feedback on this. Did it offend you or hit a home run?
hard work is sexy

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