If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. When starting your own business, it’s important to base it around something that gives you passion. As an animal lover, there are so many ideas of where you can take your business. Ideas can range from developing healthy food to grooming, to pet sitting. The possibilities are endless, so go out there and discover the difference you want to make in the pet and animal world.

Healthy Pet Food

Today, more than ever, people are more conscious about what they eat. As such, pet food is also in focus. No one wants to feed their beloved animal unsafe meals. With so many recalls in the pet food industry, consider starting your own line. It’s a lucrative market since every pet owner wants to provide the best food for their furry friends.
However, you can’t just throw a bunch of healthy-looking ingredients together and call it a premium pet food. It needs to meet the animal’s specific nutritional requirements. When picking ingredients, you should always consult a veterinarian on the types of things that should go into the mix. It also helps to have your formula tested by a third-party organization like the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Pet Grooming

Another business idea to consider is starting up a pet salon business. Whether you choose to have a storefront or a mobile gig, it’s an incredibly profitable path to take. According to Franchise Gator, revenues for pet grooming and boarding exceed $5 billion. As you build up your clientele base, you’ll notice that groomers are always in demand. To successfully create your salon business, you’ll need to develop a plan. You must figure out what type of animals you want to groom; typical businesses reach to dogs, cats, and other small animals. You’ll also need to plan out your marketing strategy, as grooming requires repeat sales. It’s a good idea to get some training on how to appropriately style animals. For example, poodles typically are groomed in a classic fashion while schnauzers keep their beards. Specializing in a few styles can help to hone your skills.

Pet Sitting

Alternatively, you could start up a pet sitting business. Before starting a pet sitting business, you need to make sure that you check the licensing requirements for your city or state. This helps ensure that you have the proper license and documentation to run your business. Startup costs are usually very low to become a pet sitter. You may need to invest in costs such as first aid, materials for marketing, and personal insurance.
You should also determine which pets you are willing to look after. Make sure you are familiar with the care requirements of each. While dogs and cats are generally pretty straightforward, less common and exotic pets have specific care needs that need to be met—or else you will have a very unhappy owner on your hands. Here are some helpful care resources for different types of popular unique pets:

Once you’re official, you can begin sitting pets. You’re able to set your own hours and pay rate. Figure out if you would rather watch pets in your home and the times you’d like to work. When meeting with clients, it’s important to be clear on what services you’ll provide. As with any business, keep track of all your expenses and profits. Clear records will allow you to enjoy the time you spend with your furry clients.
Whatever you choose to do, your animal-loving self will thrive in an environment surrounded by pets. Go start your business doing what you love.
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