Unfortunately, the liability that you will face as a business can add up to serious costs for your business if you are not protected. This is why your business will need a variety of insurance coverages in order to guard your bottom line. Here are three different insurances that your business may need in the course of its daily operations.

Liability Insurance

There are various ways that your business can find itself in legal trouble. Thankfully, there is insurance coverage that can help you with practically every single one of them. If your small business involves services that you provide, professional liability insurance can help protect you from malpractice suits and other challenges that may arise. Most importantly, you will need public liability insurance. This will cover the costs if someone is on your premises and gets hurt, such as a slip-and-fall incident. It could also cover you if you make a mistake on someone else’s property in a manner that causes them damage such as breaking something in a house when you are inside making repairs.

Worker’s Compensation

In many states, your workers do not sue your business when they are hurt on the job. Instead, they file a workers’ compensation claim with the state and are paid from that fund. This protects you from catastrophic liability when you have an employee who is injured on the job. Worker’s Compensation kick in when someone is injured and might need disability benefits. You will need to pay into this fund in the form of workers’ compensation insurance. When your employee is hurt, workers’ compensation will then cover their lost wages and medical bills. You may want to consider an extra employer liability policy because some states allow the worker to sue the employer in the event that workers’ compensation benefits are not enough to cover their damages.

Business Interruption Insurance

Many small businesses are one operating cycle away from insolvency. In other words, if something bad happens that keeps you out of business for a short time, this interrupts your cash flow and your ability to pay your bills. This could be something such as a fire or other catastrophe that keeps you out of business while it is repaired or while your premises are being rebuilt. Business interruption insurance will protect you from losing income when these types of catastrophes occur. This type of insurance can help you make your operating expenses and can even cover the costs of temporary relocation while repairs are being made. Business interruption insurance will cover a wide variety of costs and items. It should last right up until whatever event that has interrupted your business has concluded or up until the policy limits are reached.
Having the proper insurance for your business is something that is advisable and, in many cases, mandatory. Make sure that you are familiar with the various offerings in order to make sure that you have exactly what you need.
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