In the days of online marketing, many small business owners forget about the benefits of offline marketing. Offline marketing is very lucrative and can help you improve your business exponentially. Some of the ideas that you can use to market offline are listed below, and it is by no means a comprehensive list.
* Business Cards – You can have many different types of business cards designed. Don’t think that you have to use the same type of cards other people use. There are many sizes, shapes and materials that you can use for creating business cards. Give them out when you go to events, if you meet someone in a store, and any time you feel that you can make a connection with someone.
* Promotional Apparel – People love getting free t-shirts, hats and other types of promotional apparel. In some cases, depending on the type of business you have you, can even sell these items to your customers. They’ll become walking advertisements for your business and you’ll get paid for it.
* Pens and Other Promotional Items – These types of items are very helpful for marketing your business because when you use them, people notice. Plus, you can hand them out so that other people notice your business name too.
* Brochures and Flyers – Carry these with you wherever you go, so that when people ask you about your business you can show them. Get someone to help you create them in a professional manner so that you can get all the information you need on them in a creative way.
* Branded Envelopes and Stationery – Whenever you send anything through the mail, the branded envelopes and stationery will help tremendously. When they see the information on the outside, they’ll feel as if they’re dealing with a professional.
* Posters and Banners – These are also great to hand out or post up in places where your audience may congregate. These can be made to catch the eye, with just enough information on them to get the attention for your audience so that they want more info. Try adding a QR code that takes them to a newsletter sign-up to integrate online marketing with offline.
* TV and Radio Advertising – This is a great way to get the word out about your business. More people than you think listen to the radio and watch local TV. People like shopping and working with local people. It doesn’t matter if you have an international online business, local people will want to work with you.
* Networking Events – While networking events aren’t a “thing” to have, they are a thing you need to do. Networking events that are local are very important to attend in order to get known locally. You can even purchase sponsorships to local networking events to help get your business name out.
Using these materials and going to local events are all very useful ways to market your business offline. It doesn’t really matter if your business is mostly online; marketing offline can be very lucrative.

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  1. Selbys says:

    Trade shows are another good offline marketing channel. It’s one of the more expensive marketing channels because just an exhibition stand will cost you a few thousand bucks. The advantage of trade shows vs other marketing channels is that you get to meet decision makers constantly during the show and we all know how hard it is to just book 10 minutes of a decision maker’s time.
    With trade shows, you meet them in and out.

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