A resilient business is a business that can be successful in less favorable environments and recover from any hits. To make your business more resilient you need to create a long-term plan, a guiding philosophy, and build a solid workplace culture. Thinking ahead will help you prepare for stressful times for your business.

Create a Long-Term Plan

A long-term plan is essential to making your business more resilient. You need to plan for when the environment may become stressful. This plan can help you recognize strategies for when problems arise and quickly get your business back on track. Look at what your business is doing now and look to the future. Assess your company’s culture, skills, and workplace models to help you utilize your strengths to continue to be successful. You also need to build a workforce that can adapt and change to the environment, use strengths, and move forward. Being too rigid can be a downfall to your business’ resiliency.

A Guiding Philosophy

Your business needs a guiding philosophy to help build a workforce that has common goals and will work together. A popular example of a guiding philosophy is the 5S methodologies. The 5S methodologies are sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain. This is a tool to help you improve your business, eliminate waste, and increase organization. Sort, set in order, and shine are all ways to clean up and organize the workplace. Standardizing and sustaining involve maintenance and making this standard practice. There are plenty of resources for learning more online about 5S methodologies. Having a guiding philosophy and building workplace organization will help your business maintain its resilience.

Build a Solid Workplace Culture

Your workplace culture is important to the success of your company. You want your employees to feel a sense of purpose and have a strong culture so your business can withstand any problems that arise. A weak culture can lead to ethical concerns that decrease the loyalty of your team and diminish your guiding philosophies. Building up your workplace culture will help you, the leadership, and employees be aligned in decisions and in progressing towards goals.

To make your business more resilient you need to create a long-term plan, a guiding philosophy, and to build a solid workplace culture. The key to resiliency is thinking ahead and preparation. By taking these steps you can ensure your business will be resilient to all unfavorable environments.

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