Running a business means keeping track of and managing a lot of expenses. For many business owners, maximizing profits and business growth means eliminating or reducing expenses as much as possible, especially recurrent or ongoing business costs. But you shouldn’t be looking to get rid of or eliminate every single ongoing expense at your business, as some of them are very important for your business. In fact, ongoing expenses may be the things that are protecting your business the most. Here are three ongoing business costs that protect you from harm that your business should be okay with taking on.

Cybersecurity Software

Your company needs to be using cybersecurity software if you have any sort of confidential, private, or sensitive data or information stored on your computers. If your business doesn’t have any of that stored on computers, then you are probably still in the stone age. So basically, every single business needs cybersecurity software. Cybersecurity software helps protect your business data from hackers and cybercriminals that might want to get at your data. A cybersecurity breach or scandal can lead to all sorts of negative press, lost customer trust, and even liability claims against your company. Use cybersecurity software at your business and continue to pay for it.


If your business is operating without insurance then you are sitting on a disaster that is waiting to happen. Business insurance is perhaps the only one hundred percent essential ongoing business expense that your business needs. When your business is targeted in a lawsuit or bankruptcy issue, business insurance is at your back to make sure that your business survives the madness and comes through the other end unscathed. On top of that, insurance also helps with cybersecurity issues. Insurance protects you in the event of a breach that compromises your data. You should have strong business insurance regardless of the cost.


If you are not a professional accountant, then your business needs to be paying a professional accountant to handle your finances. Accountants spend their careers managing and keeping track of money, therefore they have more expertise than you and will know better ways to store, invest, spend, and save your money so that your business is maximizing profit. Plus, accounting issues can lead to all sorts of trouble with the IRS and other legal issues. Accountants can make sure that your finances are all legal and smart.

Running a business necessarily means incurring expenses. But not all ongoing expenses are bad. Make sure your business is spending money on these three expenses that protect your business from harm.

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