Good management is important in any business. Good managers lead and inspire strong, productive teams and are a key part of retaining the best employees. You can improve your effectiveness as a manager by practicing some key practices.

Define Expectations

As a manager, you need to let your team know what you expect from them. A good way to define expectations is to do some goal setting. Having goals and objectives you are working toward creates project milestones that you and your employees can track. You should try and set your expectations early in your employees’ tenures so they understand what is required of them. Once you have defined expectations, it is a lot easier to hold your employees accountable for good or poor performance. Then you will be able to give your employees feedback based on how well they are meeting expectations. 

Make Yourself Accessible

If you want to lead a strong and effective team, you will have to make yourself accessible to them. A good way to do this is to keep your calendar updated and encourage team members to schedule chats with you for anything they want to discuss. Conducting a Gemba walk helps facilitate communication with your employees. Do not hesitate to reach out to your employees and ask how their work is going. Getting to know your employees helps build trust, making it more likely your employees will reach out to you with issues or concerns. If you fail to be available to your employees, this may give the wrong impression that you do not care about them.

Lead By Example

As the manager of a team, you have the important responsibility of setting a good example. If you want a team full of people who are enthusiastic and positive about their work you yourself need to exude that. Acting with professionalism and integrity will let your team know that you expect the same behavior from them. Your actions and attitude teach your team how to treat you and how to treat others. Cultivating a culture of respect will make it easier for team members to trust one another. 

Being a good manager is a hard task. You should listen to your employees and always try to set the right example through your words and actions. Taking the time to review and update your management skills is a good idea to improve your effectiveness.

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