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Making a Cool Instagram Grid

I was feeling super creative today so I started a fun project and wanted to share. I am a huge fan and user on Instagram. It is a great way to show creativity and to meet new people and potential ... [Read More]

How to Rock at Social Media Graphics

Yep, you want to look like a pro all over the web. I know. Well, you totally can! With a little extra effort and some creative oomph, you will be rockin' it. One of the types of content that you need ... [Read More]

How to Write Social Media Posts That People Respond To

There is nothing, well almost, nothing quite as discouraging as putting out what we think is a killer post on social media. Then, sit back and wait for the excitement to swarm around it and see share ... [Read More]

The Brand-Building Power of Google+ – 10 Ways to Use It Effectively

  The Brand-Building Power of Google+ – 10 Ways to Use It Effectively Recently, I have discovered just how effective being active on Google +. I have really ignored this powerhouse for far too ... [Read More]

Ooh!! Think Before You Click.

Thinking Before You Speak or Click Almost everyone has been guilty at one time or other of speaking something out loud and then regretting it. ( you know, foot in mouth)Once spoken words cannot ... [Read More]

Tips to Get Back Into the World of Offline Marketing

How to Tap Into Offline PR for Increased Traffic and Exposure Social media is taking over the marketing world, right? More and more, people are communicating online every day. Yes, it has made ... [Read More]