When you started a business, one of your many goals was to have regulars, people whom you can always depend on to stop by, buy a thing or two and exchange some nice words with you. However, while your business might be performing steadily, you may still be yearning for those familiar folks that let you feel like people are going out of their way to patronize your business. Here are some reasons you might not have regulars yet.

Not Enough Time

Somebody doesn’t become your partner just because you go on one date with him or her. Similarly, it takes time for a customer to become a regular because one visit isn’t going to be enough. Habits are hard to break, but they’re also hard to form. It could take weeks of visits for a customer for him or her to become a regular. When someone comes in, greet him or her. When someone leaves, tell him or her you look forward to seeing him or her again. According to Lendio, it’s a good idea to tell that person you’re glad to see them again when they do come back in. Over time, that individual should realize that you recognize him or her as a regular and that you embrace his or her presence.

You Aren’t Making a Good Experience

Whatever you’re doing as a proprietor likely isn’t enough because people aren’t going to come back again and again if you just meet the bare standard of treatment instead of trying to make them feel special. Customers might prefer to go to a shop that charges more but has better customer service to one that is more affordable but has a less-than-friendly staff. According to Abikiss, when managing customer interactions, it’s important to understand the customer, communicate often and effectively and have a quality product. You also want to make patrons feel special by complimenting their purchases and showing you understand if they bring up any problems they might be having.

Lack of Awareness

A lack of regulars could be because your business isn’t being promoted enough. People might be coming through sheer chance, such as running errands nearby. However, those who could really benefit from your business might not be aware of it. Work on building up a good marketing campaign, especially on social media. Track metrics, such as the rate of likes over time, so you can gauge how well you’re doing when it comes to raising awareness of your business.
Don’t give up hope just because you’re still waiting to get regulars. It takes time for businesses to figure out what they are and for people to want to become regulars. By treating every customer with care and hospitality, you can make everyone who stops by a regular in the making.

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